It’s Time to Talk

Why does stigma exist?

It is sometimes easy to forget that our brain, like all of our other organs, is vulnerable to disease. Instead of receiving compassion and acceptance, people with mental illnesses may experience hostility, discrimination and stigma. Help us end mental health stigma!

It is time to talk. Too many people are dying or suffering because we aren’t “talking” about mental illness.

We rally around friends with cancer, hold walks and donate to their charity. Why aren’t we doing the same for our friends with a mental illness? Often they struggle alone, without support, afraid to confide in someone or get help because they may be discriminated against.

Let’s put an END to the STIGMA of mental illness. Take the pledge today, and join others who are talking about mental illness. The power of our voices can be the lifeline someone needs to step out of the shadows and into recovery.


5 Ways You Can Shatter Stigma NOW!

  1. Share your story. You can be an inspiration to others to come out from the shadows and stand strong to seek help and recovery.
  2. Show R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Treat everyone with respect. The stigma around mental illness can cause a person to feel ashamed, embarrassed, isolated and alone. By respecting others, you help give them strength to seek help.
  3. The “No Judgement Zone”. People living with mental illness did not choose this disease. Practicing understanding and tolerance can help shatter stigma.
  4. Know the facts. Read up on mental health disorders and get the facts. There are many myths out there that result in people with mental illness feeling discriminated against and misunderstood. When you hear something inaccurate, speak up. Share facts about mental illness to help others have an accurate picture of the disease.
  5. The time is now to take the pledge. Join with MHA Central Carolinas to learn more about mental illness and how you can help start the conversation in your area.