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Join the Peace Crane Campaign

The crane, conceivably the oldest bird on earth, has long been a symbol of happiness, as well as wisdom and good fortune.  The practice of folding 1,000 cranes represents a form of healing and hope during challenging times.

We invite you to fold an origami crane to help MHA create a chain of 1,000 cranes promoting Peace of Mind.  Bring it to MHA when you participate in Coffee & Conversation or a mental health training!  We've surpassed 250 cranes but we still need lots of help to fold nearly 750 more.             


  •  Follow along with a how-to-video such as:
    You Tube how-to-make-a-crane Video.
  •  Host a crane-folding party or fold with a friend.
  •  Pass on a crane to a friend as a wish for recovery and peace of mind.
  •  Post a picture of yourself, peace crane in hand #PeaceOfMindPassItOn


• Register for our 3rd Annual Wake Up for Wellness breakfast