Our Programs

Advocacy (Legislative)
Direct Systems Advocacy - MHA works to educate legislators and other policy makers about the needs of those who depend upon the public mental health system and public policies that will address those needs. Throughout the year, particularly during the legislative session, MHA staff work to promote the MHA's annual legislative agenda.

Public Education - Recognizing the importance of education and civic engagement, MHA actively seeks opportunities to highlight important policy issues via eNews alerts, Facebook, and Twitter. To keep up with the latest policy news follow us on social media.

Grassroots Organization - MHA helps to mobilize community members by providing opportunities for civic engagement and self-advocacy. To contact your local officials, visit our Advocacy page.

Self-Advocacy - MHA trains consumers of mental health services, caregivers, and Peer Support Specialists how to use personal stories of recovery in legislative advocacy.



MHA's evidence-based Compeer program matches community volunteers with adults in mental health recovery programs. The volunteers provide one-to-one supportive friendship and mentoring relationships to offset the loneliness and social isolation that can accompany mental illness and hinder recovery. To learn more visit our Compeer page or contact Compeer program staff at (704) 365-3454 or [email protected].


Community Education and Outreach
MHA addresses current community needs or interests with an array of educational offerings that include: Mental Health First Aid* (Adult & Youth versions), Question, Persuade & Refer* (QPR) suicide prevention training, Advocacy 201 (legislative & self-advocacy skills for consumers, caregivers and Peer Support Specialists), Managing Money in Recovery, De-escalation, and more. For more details, visit our Education & Outreach page or call 704-365-3454.  Register for trainings open to the public on our Events page.

*Denotes evidence-based best practice trainings


Information and Referral Services

MHA provides information and referral to individuals seeking mental health services or to those who have questions about treatment or other mental health issues. Call the MHA directly at 704-365-3454 during business hours or visit our Mental Health Provider Directory 24 hours a day/7 days a week.



MHA's ParentVOICE program provides empowerment and support to families of youth experiencing emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Certified and caring Family Support Specialists educate families on how to navigate the education, mental health, and judicial systems in order to achieve positive outcomes. The ParentVOICE program is free to families in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties, and leads the efforts behind family-driven and youth-guided systems of care. To learn more, visit the ParentVOICE program page

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