MHA's Family and Peer Support

MHA's ParentVOICE program helps parents and caregivers of youth with mental health challenges become their children's best advocates. MHA volunteer Carla Carlisle said, "During COVID-19, things changed greatly in terms of my son’s needs. MHA ParentVoice was critical in helping me determine what might be helpful to my son during the pandemic. Creating a plan to support his social and behavioral needs was a must. The expertise, resources and just plain support I received from my MHA Family Partner was essential to developing a revised Remote IEP for my son. I feel empowered and love my team from MHA!"


MHA's Compeer program is another way MHA leverages the power of peer support. As the featured video with four pairs matched through Compeer illustrates, friendship is vital to reducing isolation and loneliness which exacerbate mental health concerns - a fact that resonates before, during and after the pandemic. We currently have a special need for older adults to volunteer and young adults living with chronic mental health concerns who could benefit from friends.  Learn More.

MHA's Featured Group Practice is ProCure Therapeutic Agency, Inc.

MHA Hosts Free Virtual Series - Mental Health Matters

Free Counseling Opportunity for Eligible Community Members

Ask Me What's Up, A Student Mental Health Initiative