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Breaking Stigma One Conversation at a Time

"Mental Health Matters: It's Time to Talk" is a Mental Health America of Central Carolinas campaign to encourage open dialogue about mental health and reduce stigma.

3 Key Messages

  • Mental disorders are common in the U.S. In a given year, 1 in 5 adults may have one or more diagnosable mental disorders.
  • Two-thirds of individuals never seek treatment due to stigma. Stigma does not need to be a barrier to service. MHA can connect people with services and support.
  • Mental health is essential to overall health; prevention works, treatment is effective, and recovery is possible.

Recovery Works!


MHA Storyteller Donna shares that life can go on after losing loved ones to suicide. She has embraced recovery and being present in each moment. Her inspiring message is that treatment works! To get connected with a licensed mental health professional, visit our Mental Health Provider Directory.


Mental Health Matters: It's Time to Talk


MHA Volunteer Bill Franklin shares his personal story of recovery from depression.  Bill encourages conversations about mental health among family members and to seek professional treatment when you need it.  Never let stigma get in the way of recovery!


One Conversation Opens up Pathways


MHA volunteer storyteller Guillermo shares the message that there's no shame in having a mental health issue. One conversation can open up the pathway to others. . .it starts with breaking the stigma one conversation at a time! Take a pledge to break stigma at


I Stood Up and Got Help!


MHA Volunteer Ambassador Angela shares the positive message that help is available, treatment works, and support makes all the difference.


Breaking Stigma One Conversation at a Time


Join Lindsey and all the MHA Storytellers by Breaking Stigma One Conversation at a Time.  Take a Pledge by adding your name and statement to the MHA's pledge wall, to declare how you will take action to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues.


A Miracle Still in Progress


Ruby and her grandson Tyler discuss how far he has come on his recovery journey as a result of mental health treatment (to include talk therapy), and her unfailing love and support.  Ruby was empowered with education and resources provided by involvement with our ParentVOICE program.


Strength=Asking for Help


MHA Board Member Mary Ellen shares about her personal journey from anxiety to recovery, which enables her to help and inspire others.  Treatment is effective and recovery is possible!  Take a pledge to break stigma now.


Eliminando el Estigma Asociado con la Salud Mental


Comprométete a eliminar el estigma yendo a No hay que tener vergüenza de buscar ayuda para la salud mental. Comparte este video, o ponte en contacto con el MHA a través del 704-365-3454 o [email protected] si estás en Charlotte y te gustaría que presentemos en español a tu grupo sobre de este tema.


The Disorder is Not the Person


MHA Storyteller Megan encourages others to open up if they need help for mental health issues.  She believes the right therapy + medication + support = RECOVERY! 

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Mental Health Quick Fact

Stigma is the #1 barrier to access of mental health services.